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Balusters of gabbro diabase

Balusters of gabbro diabase – it is an exquisite addition to your interior. The main advantages of gabbro diabase are durability and beauty. An ordinary staircase with granite balusters looks like a real work of art, it is not subject to time and is not subject to destruction from various operating conditions (changes in temperature, humidity, etc.). Thousands of years ago, representatives of the upper strata of society used these rocks to decorate their homes and estates. They gave a special touch and spoke without words about the sense of style of their owner.

Karelian Gabbro Diabaz belongs to rather hard and durable stone rocks of the basalt group, has black color, and perfectly resists environmental factors. To date, only three deposits of Gabbro diabase stone have been noted around the globe: in Australia, Ukraine and Karelia. One of the best deposits is located in Karelia.