Selected granites from Karelia

We supply Karelian gabbro-diabase and granite throughout Russia and the CIS. Gabbro of the highest quality is from the Drugoretskoye deposit. The assortment includes colored granites from various deposits of Karelia, Leningrad region, the Urals, Finland, Norway.
You can choose any stone live on the site in Petrozavodsk or remotely with the help of our managers. They will promptly send you a block list with the sizes and tonnage of stones available, if necessary, they will take photos of the blocks.
We will help with the delivery of the order to your warehouse – we cooperate with proven stone carriers who understand what and how to carry. Yes, granite is not “just a stone”.
Any form of payment is possible. And booking stones.
We have our own production — we cut slabs, construction and ritual products, standard and according to your orders.

Kinds of granit


It is an excellent material. It is used in the design of exteriors and landscapes, urban economy, interior design of buildings.


Due to its high density, Baltic (Elizovsky) can withstand serious climatic and mechanical loads, therefore it is often used in road construction.

Garnet Amphibolite

Structure of the rock gives a varied pattern with alternating colors, which allows the Garnet Amphibolite to be appreciated in the design field.


It is widely used in the interior sphere, as it has a high class of decorativeness due to its bright layered structure and unique black-green color with golden splashes.


Granite with its milky white color resembles marble, which is why it is in high demand in Russia and abroad. Has a strong structure and low wear.


It is used for landscaping and road construction purposes. You can also see the “Renaissance” in memorial complexes.

Gabbro diabase

It is used in stone processing for the manufacture of ritual products, as well as construction products, due to the properties of durable strength.

Dymovsky granit

The structure is medium-coarse-grained, irregular, porphyritic. Massive mottled texture. The color of Dymovsky granite is determined by its mineral composition.