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A gabbro diabase vase

A gabbro diabase vase is a noble addition to your interior. Gabbro diabase is a strong and durable material that is subject to destruction from various operating conditions (temperature drops, humidity, etc.). The product looks presentable even after several decades.

Natural stone vases, due to their heavy weight, do not roll over or topple over. The vase has long been a symbol. So, among Buddhists, it is a symbol of the victory of the spirit over death and birth, while among Christians, a vase is intended for the soul of the deceased.

Karelian Gabbro Diabaz belongs to rather hard and durable stone rocks of the basalt group, has a black color, and perfectly resists environmental factors. To date, only three deposits of Gabbro diabase stone have been noted around the globe: in Australia, Ukraine and Karelia. One of the best deposits is located in Karelia.