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Gabbro diabase

Physical-and-mechanical properties of Drug Oretsky Gabbro-diabase

Abrasion – 0.07 g / cm 2 I1
Frost resistance – 300 cycles
Water absorption – 0.1%
Density – 3.07 g / cm 3
Compressive strength grade – 1400 kg / cm 2
Radioactivity – up to 74 becquerel / kg

It is mined in Karelia, mainly by drilling and blasting. Deep igneous rock. The formation of the rock occurs during solidification of basic magmas at depths of 3-4 km.

It is used in stone processing for the manufacture of ritual products, as well as construction products, due to the properties of durable strength. Very well polished and retains polish, and also lends itself well to engraving and various artistic treatments.