Вы сейчас просматриваете Dymovsky granit

Dymovsky granit

Physical-and-mechanical properties:

Average density, kg / m3: 2829
Compressive strength, MPa: 160
Water absorption,%: 0.10
Frost resistance, F: 100
Abrasion, g / cm2: 0.17
Porosity,%: 1.7
Radioactivity, class: 1

It is mined in the north-west of Russia in Leningradskaya Oblast, the Dymovskoye deposit. It has found wide application in the production of memorial granite complexes and ritual products, due to its frost resistance and strength. It is also actively used in the construction industry for the improvement of facades of buildings, metro, road surface, and the production of paving slabs.

The structure is medium-coarse-grained, irregular, porphyritic. Massive mottled texture. The color of Dymovsky granite is determined by its mineral composition.