Вы сейчас просматриваете Yelizovsky


Physical-and-mechanical properties:

Average density 2670 kg / m3
Compressive strength, MPa 131
Porosity:% 1.74
Water absorption:% 0.25
Abrasion: g / cm2 0.17
Frost resistance: P 50
Radioactivity: Bq / kg 229

Produced at the Yelizovskoye deposit . Due to its high quality, structure and physical-and-mechanical properties, it is an excellent material. It is used in the design of exteriors and landscapes, urban economy, interior design of buildings.

It is mined on the same mountain range as Dymovsky / Baltic granite. It differs from Dymovsky in fine-grained and darker shade. It is used both in the construction areas of stone processing and in ritual.