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Dymovsky granite vase


The Dymovsky granite vase is a noble addition to your interior. Natural stone vases, due to their heavy weight, do not roll over or topple over. The vase has long been a symbol. So, among Buddhists, it is a symbol of the victory of the spirit over death and birth, while among Christians, a vase is intended for the soul of the deceased.

Due to its durability and frost resistance, Dymovsky is one of the favorite granites of architects and builders. The range of application of this stone is very wide: facades and walls of buildings are clad with modular slabs, steps are made, sidewalks are paved with paving stones. Due to its color and texture, Dymovsky grano syenite is well combined with other rocks and materials. The use of mechanical action is not capable of damaging its structure, the material does not fade and retains its color for a long time.

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